Kayla's Story

Our founder, Kayla Pendleton, worked out of her home office for several years while telecommuting for her job in marketing. She found that working from home was isolating and counterproductive. There were too many distractions and interruptions, plus it was tough to have a work/ life balance. 

Kayla became a member of a ladies coworking space for a couple months while on vacation. This was GAME CHANGING for her! She noticed her productivity and self worth increased rapidly, plus she started to make wonderful connections that helped take the company she worked for to the next level. 


After coming back to Fresno, she realized that her options for coworking were limited, and did not meet all of her needs. After 2 years of hard work she opened Her Space in 2017.


Her Space originally started as a coworking space, but today it is so much more than that. Our team has found that coworkHERs need training, accountability, resources, and connections to really take their businesses to the next level.


Kayla and her team's vision is to help Fresno become the Entrepreneurship Hub of California by supporting female owned small businesses. Together, we can make this dream a reality.

Founder, Kayla Pendleton

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