Mentorship Program

Come to Her Space for FREE one-on-one business counseling! This program is open to anyone. You do NOT have to be a member to take advantage of this resource. Each of our mentors are listed below with descriptions of their expertise.


Every Tuesday morning from 10am- 12pm we host a different set of mentors on various business topics. Check our event calendar to see when each mentor is on the schedule.


To take advantage of this amazing resource, simply book an appointment with one of our mentors directly below.

Beth is known as the "Networking Motivator". She can help you with your elevator pitch, networking strategies, and how to follow up. She is also a SEO wiz, and can help you with all things marketing. 

Book an appointment with Beth:

Beth Bridges

Lianna is the marketing manager at Her Space. She can help you with all your marketing questions. From the big stuff like, "How do I plan out my email marketing campaign?" to the small stuff like, "How do I get this photo from my laptop to my Instagram feed?" Lianna is the go to gal for all things tech and marketing!

Book an appointment with Lianna:

Nicole is a business coach. In the past she owned a coffee roasting company on the east coast with 150 employees at one time. She also has worked in the holistic healthcare industry for many years. She can help with all questions related to business communication and operating a brick and mortar. She is also great at helping you overcome mindset blocks, and figuring out how to make the next steps forward in your business.

Book an appointment with Nicole:

Cindy is a bookkeeper.  She can help you with questions on how to track your expenses, or how to use Quickbooks.  She is a numbers wiz and can walk you through all the basics you need to know to organize your business financials.

Book an appointment with Cindy: 

Cindy Wyman

Priscilla Moreno

Priscilla is the mastermind behind Modern Wholistic Living. That work-life balance everyone's always talking about? She can help you master it! Priscilla is our go to gal for everything health & wellness, plus she's a super smart business women who understands the struggles of being a female entrepreneur!

Book an appointment with Priscilla:

Meet Our Mentors

Stan is the VP of VSBDC. He can help you with all things business, whether it is for-profit or non-profit! He is our go-to for business connections. If you're looking for a referral, he'll probably know a great resource for you!

Book an appointment with Stan:

Stan Tom

Lianna Grider

Nicole Ledonna

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