Staying Productive through the Holidays

Hello my beautiful coworkHers! The holidays are here… I was so not ready for them last year. Things get crazy around the holidays in business and in life. It can seem impossible to meet your obligations to your business, your family, and your friends. Not to mention, if you’re even further involved, you might have four or five different holiday events to attend this year. Here is my strategy for making sure my business, my family, and my friends all get some of my time this holiday season.

1. Pick the amount of events you can attend in advance, don’t say yes until you know your options.

You’re going to want to go to all of the events you’re invited to, of course. But, there’s no way you can attend everything and still manage your business & family. Be selective about the things you say yes to. Figure out which events will get you to see the most of your loved ones. It sounds a little cold and systematic, but if John’s event has the same guest list as Cynthia’s, you don’t need to attend both. Be sure to prioritize friends you haven’t seen in a while as well as your closest loved ones.

2. Set aside some more intimate family time.

If you’re kids are home from break and extended family is in town, plan a time to have a more intimate get together than the hullabaloo of Christmas day. Plan time to sit and talk with family you haven’t seen in a while, snuggle with your kiddos, and relax with your hubby. While you want to still get your work done, family time during the holidays is so special. Grab your hot cocoa, and get ready to spend some time with the fam!

3. Make sure to schedule when you’re going to be working.

If your kids are home for vacation and you’ve got relatives out the wazoo, it can be hard to find time to sit down and work. You might not have time to go into the office during the holidays, but you can still get work done. Actually write down and plan out when you’ll be working, make sure your family and your kiddos know you aren’t to be bothered, and get everything essential done as quickly as possible. I also find it super helpful to create a prioritized list of things to accomplish for each scheduled work sesh.

4. Plan ahead for big deadlines.

The end of the year is wrap-up time for lots of big projects, try and work on these in advance so you aren’t stressing about deadlines. If you have something due on the thirtieth, don’t wait until the 26th, finish up all your major goals for the month before the holiday. Your first two weeks of December might be crazy, but you’ll be thankful in the New Year that you had some time to chill after the holiday.

5. Don’t forget about your clients.

While your clients will probably be on vacay too, make sure to wish them well for the holidays and the New Year. Some companies send out corporate gift baskets, but I always feel like a nice handwritten card and maybe something home baked (I’m dreaming of Beth Bridges’ scones!) is nicer than a box of caramel corn, or a branded pencil cup. You also get bonus points if you send over something more personal for the holidays, if you work closely with them you’ll be able to gift them something they’ll actually love and use.

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