Why you can't Meet your Clients at Starbucks

Coffee shops are awesome! Good ambiance, good coffee, and snacks -- what’s not to love? What about a place to meet your clients? Not so much. The unpredictability makes it difficult to use as a professional space.


The number one reason not to meet clients in a coffee shop is noise. It is really difficult to discuss business over the sound of coffee being ground and the teenagers in the corner giggling about their favorite Netflix shows.

If the subject of your meeting is confidential, or sensitive at all, your client isn’t going to be comfortable in such a public space. Happy clients are key to a successful business and that means you need to meet them somewhere quiet, calm, and secure.


You can’t be certain you are going to get a clean space that accommodates your needs. Coffee shops don’t let you book a space ahead of time, and they don’t always have time to wipe down tables in-between guests. How many times have you stuck your hand in something unsavory by accident in a restaurant or coffee shop?

Not to mention, nowadays most tables in coffee shops are tiny to discourage you from camping out there. If you have product samples to show off or a lot of brainstorming to do, you won’t have enough space to be efficient.


While people meet clients in coffee shops all the time, it doesn’t really give the best first impression. Clients expect to meet you in a professional environment, not a messy, noisy coffee shop. If you’re signing contracts over a puddle of iced tea condensation, you have a major problem.

You can do it somewhere else!

Your other options for business meetings are nearly endless. Our favorite, of course, is a local co-working space. Co-working spaces typically have several designated spaces to meet your clients. They have different size spaces to accommodate for meetings -- large or small. There are business resources available like printing, whiteboards, and projectors. There is usually a receptionist; so you can don’t have the awkward, ‘Are you Jack from XYZ company” like you would at a coffee shop. Co-working spaces are affordable too. You can pay by the hour or if you book more regularly, you can sign up for a membership.

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