How to Never Stop Learning

What have you learned from others recently? Sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses, to see what others can help us learn.

Once we are out of school, it seems like there aren't any more opportunities to learn. Where would you do it? Nobody wants to spend hours reading through textbooks if they don't have to. Thankfully, there are much better ways to learn than sitting in a lecture hall.

I'm lucky that at Her Space I am surrounded by wonderfully talented women who are teaching me things constantly. But, if you don't work in such a collaborative environment, it can be hard to find that intellectual stimulation. Here are some of the ways you can start introducing more learning opportunities to your life:

Attend Workshops

I might be biased, because we spend a lot of our time here hosting and attending workshops, but they are a great way to learn a lot in a short period of time! Look through Eventbrite or Facebook and find a topic that interests you, whether that be a fun & crafty skill like hand lettering or a business skill like social media & accounting.

Workshops come in all different shapes and sizes, at Her Space we have 3 monthly workshops. One lunch time workshop where an outside speaker presents on a topic, one morning workshop hosted by our team on a marketing/business skill or program, and one evening workshop that is a start-up intensive!

The best business workshops leave you feeling inspired and motivated to keep working on your business. You should be taking away real skills, learning something new, and grasping the new concepts enough to get started.

Online Learning

There are tons of great resources online for learning and growing in your business. Online learning is the best way to solve specific problems you're having in your business. If you need specific help, you can quickly search and find recommendations from tons of professionals on what the best strategy is. But, with such a wide variety of information out there about business, you'll have to be sure to find a trusted source.

Be wary of online courses or coaches who aren't well reviewed, or aren't reviewed at all. Fact check them with trusted sources and compare their claims to others you already know are legitimate. If you're having hard time finding positive reviews, take their advice with a grain of salt.

Some sites you might find helpful for finding online resources include Skill Share and LinkedIn Learning. These websites vet those who host classes on their sites, to ensure authenticity. Facebook also has its own online training courses called Facebook Blueprint, that can help you with marketing and running ads on their site.


The best way to learn is to learn from your peers. Attending networking events and maintaining connections with industry professionals opens up a whole new avenue of learning. At Her Space we are lucky to have a group of supportive and intelligent coworkHers to share information with and learn from. But, you can do the same thing without a coworking space.

If you meet someone at a networking event, don't hesitate to reach out in the future and ask questions. Have an old contact you know is an SEO wiz? Reach out and ask your questions. The worst thing that could happen is they refuse to talk to you with an hourly rate involved, which would be bad business on their part. The best thing that could happen is an expert in a field you need help with, answers your questions and helps you grow. Talking to the experts is so much easier when you have the connections to them already. You'll get better results without having to dig through a million articles on the topic.


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