Mastering your Sales Process

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

The Power of Follow up & Reviews

Hey everyone, it’s Mason, and today I wanted to write a quick blog on sales, and mastering your process. This week I hosted a workshop called “Making Sales not Salesy” at Her Space, and I feel it went really well, however I wanted to expand on a couple topics.

To give a very brief synopsis, in our workshop we discussed the sales process from start to finish, how to set up a successful process to make closing the sale easier, closing the sale, overcoming objections, and follow up. I will add a link to the Sales Workshop for those who missed it at the end.

Any successful sales person will tell you to maintain healthy follow up, especially after the sale. This can lead to a long lasting, fruitful relationship with your clients that produces additional sales in the form of referral business. Referral business should be your ultimate goal in the sales process. No one likes pulling lead lists, cold calling, and the like, so why not have your business come from an organic source, like past clients? These people will start off with a higher level of trust with you (and a higher level of expectations, so be ready). These clients are typically easier and more fun to work with as you don’t have to spend so much time and energy into gaining trust and building rapport.

Now as I mentioned earlier, to get to this promised land of referral clients, you have to continue to nurture your current clients after you have successfully closed a sale with them. This starts out easy, but can become harder, or feel awkward over time. In the workshop, I told you that set up is half the battle, and to do this you need to stay organized and take detailed notes on each of your clients. You should know something about them, their kid’s names and what sports they play, maybe a hobby or two, things of this nature. This way you have common ground to strike up a conversation when you reach out in the future.

For example: Gary purchased a product/service from us. Upon taking delivery of said product, we contact him 24 hours later to thank him for his business. Moving forward, call him 1 to 2 weeks after this to check in and see how he is liking his product, and ask if he needs any help. A month after this, we can call to check in, and see how his daughter’s soccer tournament went. Congratulate him on their big win, and ask again how he is enjoying the benefits of his product, “Well that’s great to hear Gary, I’m glad to hear your daughter crushed it as goalie, AND that your (product name here) is everything you’d hoped for. Hey I got a couple quick questions before I let you go, is there anyone else you feel I should talk to? Anyone else you know that might be interested in what you’ve got? Who have you told about it?”

Now before I finish out this rant, the last thing I wanted to share is the power of obtaining reviews from your clients. I like to quote Tom Ferry in that, “we are living in the review economy.” Word of mouth has always been a powerful tool in business, and that is made even stronger by the internet today. Maybe in that first month to three months, you should ask your clients for a review. As they often say in sales, a happy customer will tell 3 to 4 people about their experience, while an unhappy customer will tell the world! If your clients are happy, they are likely not going to be writing any reviews because they are too busy and distracted with enjoying what you’ve sold them.

It is not awkward or strange for you to ask them for a review. Just make sure that it is a review that will be on a platform that is relevant to your business. If they write a yelp review but all of your typical traffic comes from google, it is still helpful, just not on the level you need. Make sure to ask, “Hey Gary thank you so much for your kind words, I had a great time working with you as well. Since it sounds like you are happy with my services, would you mind writing a review for me on (insert preferred platform)? Thanks Gary, that means a lot!”

Make a habit of obtaining reviews, and stay on top of checking them regularly. If you end up with a negative review you weren’t expecting, this is an opportunity for you to reach out to that person and make it right, and possibly recover a sale in the process. Most review platforms will also allow people to edit their reviews, which means after you’ve addressed their concerns, they can turn that one star into a five star!

Now, if our theoretical client Gary agrees to the review, and then doesn’t follow through, that’s okay, that’s just one more follow up call or email opportunity you can make to help stay top of mind and show off how much you care! Once you have a nice portfolio of different client reviews, it will show people shopping you and your service that you can be trusted, and are at least worth talking to before making a premature decision. You can also use these reviews to help put the minds of current clients you are trying to win over at ease.

I hope you are able to take this knowledge and run with it. Implement this into your follow up systems, and watch your incoming referral business surge! Now if you missed the sales workshop and would like to see the replay, you can grab it here. Have a great week!

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