Staying active and snacking right while working remote

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Stress eating is something I’m sure we will see a lot of over the next few weeks and months as ‘shelter in place’ rules continue on. People over-eat for many reasons besides just stress however with boredom being another lead cause. During these uncertain times this can negatively impact not only the way you feel and look, but even how you think! It can be hard not to fall for this sort of thing, so let’s discuss some methods for staying strong while you work from home.

The first and simplest way to avoid grazing unnecessarily would be to keep snack food and such out of your designated home office space. Out of sight, out of mind as they say, and if you keep that big bag of pretzels three feet away from you in your home office, you can bet you’re going to go for them. Now that you’ve done that, you’re thinking you need something to drink; you head to the kitchen to grab a thirst quencher. Oh look, you’ve found one of your kids snacks that happens to be a guilty pleasure (that you then bring back to the office with you.) You can see how this will be a problem. Take a moment to see what you’ve got in your home office, and any snack food that could become victim to unconscious grazing, send back to the pantry!

Now in addition to just additional caloric intake we will all experience if we are new to working from home, we need to account for the lack of movement we may have since we are no longer ‘walking around the office’ every day. Everyone has different jobs and life styles so you may sit in a cubicle all day anyway, but there are still additional steps you’re not accounting for like walking to and from the car, heading out to lunch, etc. If you’ve got a fit bit or some other health tracking device/app, you’ve probably noticed since working from home you’re not nearly as “active” as before. You can amend this in several ways. If you have a workout routine, consider extending it to include a cool down walk for ten minutes. Just a leisurely pace to get some extra movement in (If you don’t typically have a workout or fitness routine consider this the perfect time to start one!). You can use alarms on you cell phone to go off every hour or two to remind you to get up, stretch, and get some sun. Being outside is good not only for physical but for mental health as well. Get out there and walk some laps around the back yard while you take that call.

The final point we should discuss is what you’re cooking at home. We are probably experiencing a record high for how many people are now cooking from home on a daily basis. If you don’t normally cook this much this is a great time to try out new recipes with your family. Take a look at what you have in the house and try and come up with some healthy ways to prepare each meal. The internet is a powerful tool and you can find many exciting ways to spruce up the fact that you’re having chicken for the third night in a row. Use it, you may even find a new favorite meal for the family to enjoy even after life returns to normal.

Not sure where to get started for food? Try browsing these sites to get started:



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