The Importance Of "Me" Time

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

The importance of scheduling time off for yourself, and how to do it!

Last week Kayla met with Annie, Claudine and Heather, three established business women here in the valley, and discussed the tools and methods they use to stay organized and maximize their time with their families while also running a full-time business. They discussed many different strategies each of them puts in place to maintain a specific level of order to their life but something stood out to me that I think everyone should hear.

I believe something we all struggle with while working our busy schedules is making enough time for yourself and your family. With the importance of day to day tasks needing to be finished, and deadlines we either set for ourselves or are set by clients & employers, there can be very little left for ourselves at the end of each work day and week. It is important to recharge and stay fresh so that you have the energy to stay motivated and productive, but how? The answer may have been staring us all in the face this whole time.

Before you can give yourself a bit of this elusive “me time,” you have to be well equipped for each day. Everyone is different in their method of keeping track of time, so you have to settle on what works for you. The ladies discussed during last weeks Business Booster some of the many tools they use to keep their schedule. It can be as complex as using a system like Trello or Asana, or even as basic as using your google calendar in your phone and a note pad app. Ultimately, the medium doesn’t matter, what does is that you find a method that works for you, and you find easy to stick with long term.

Now your calendar, or planner isn’t just for work appointments and events. This is a common mistake that I think everyone makes at one point or another. Start each week by plotting out all of the items you need handled on the days that allow you to handle them. This will include that report you need to finish on Tuesday, as well as the laundry you need to start when you get home Wednesday evening. That’s right, you should schedule your personal tasks as well as your work tasks in your calendar. Once you’ve got your week planned out, fill in the gaps with your items you’d like to get done, for example that work out routine you’ve been putting off. I like to schedule my hour long run every day at 5:30pm after work and I treat this as an appointment.

Your schedule should start to look pretty full now! The finishing touches are to schedule in an appropriate amount of “me time” where you can. Maybe it’s Thursday nights, maybe it’s an hour lunch instead of 30 minutes. Once you’ve committed the rest of your life, not just your work life, to your calendar, the last piece of the puzzle is to treat these as serious as you do your work appointments. When someone is trying to schedule in a call with you during your workout time, you can tell them you already have another commitment and to schedule at a different time slot! They don’t have to know that your appointment is for you and you alone, they couldn’t know unless you told them. This will help you to commit to your personal life and family events that you’ve been putting off or neglecting.

Using these scheduling tactics can help you stay mentally healthy and charged so that you are fully prepared to hit it out of the park at work. Don’t sleep on these methods, and to learn more you can always check out the full business booster we had with these three ladies right here!

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