The Power of Storytelling in PR

We all wish that we had a fairy godmother/father from time to time, that could create a perfect image of us and make all of the evil go away with the wave of their magical wand and a few bibbity bobbity boos. Now although magical fairy godmothers/fathers may not technically exist in this realm, it’s safe to say that Public Relations specialists are as close as it gets, in the business world. 

During last week’s Lunch & Lunch series we had the pleasure of sitting down with Rae Pardini Matson, the Valley’s very own Public Relations (PR) expert and founder of Rae Pardini Matson PR here in Fresno, CA. Rae moved away from the Valley right after high school to pursue an education at the University of Southern California and soon after she began working for editorial companies such as People and Cosmopolitan Magazines. As she continued to master her storytelling abilities, Rae moved on to work in national publicity for Columbia Pictures films, working on big budget films that included stars like Will Smith and Seth Rogan. Now Rae has brought her knowledge, passion and magic to the PR industry back in the Central Valley where her roots lie.

What is a PR expert? Well, a PR expert’s duty is to help establish and keep a positive brand image through various communication and media platforms. They are also the ones that you wish upon a star, to help de-escalate a crisis that may taint a brand image. 

During our chat with Rae, she explained the importance of cultivating the image you want others to view your brand as, through storytelling. Keeping in mind how you want your brand to make others feel, will help you come up with your ideal image. Storytelling is a powerful tool to use in the PR industry, because it has the power to harness trust. If the public believes that your brand is trustworthy, they are more willing to lean into what you are teaching or selling. 

One way to begin your story is by examining your personal, educational and professional experiences that pertain to what you are still doing, selling and representing. Whether your storytelling methods be through events, social media, or the press, the relationships you build will go a long way. They play an important role in helping your story be told and amplified. Relationship building includes things like, staying in constant touch with the press and giving them big and small updates on how business is going, ensuring that you or your client stay on their radar.  

A tip Rae gave for someone that chooses to tell their story through social media, is to allow their audience to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the brand and the people that represent them. This insider scoop in turn, makes a brand's audience feel closer to them. She also suggests that the clients you take on as a PR expert have morals and ethics that align with yours, creating an environment for trust to flourish. After all, who you represent is a part of your brand's image.

For a sprinkle more of Rae’s PR knowledge WATCH HERE and connect with her via RPM’s website and socials

Written by Karla Guerrero

    -Marketing and Operations Coordinator at Her Space

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