Her Space's Top Five Social Media Tools

Hey everyone! It’s Kayla here <3

Today I want to share with you some of my absolute favorite tools for making your social media stand out. Social media is a super important part of your business, it is essential in maintaining client relations, showcasing your culture for future employees, and attracting potential clients.

As entrepreneurs, we can often let social media get put on the back burner. When you wear all the hats in your business, the social media hat can feel unimportant compared to finance, sales, and operations. Thankfully, the tools I am sharing with you today are all designed to make social media simpler for you!


We absolutely love Hootsuite’s free account option. We actually have a whole workshop available on this program if you are interested in learning more! But, here’s the basics; Hootsuite allows you to schedule your social media posts in advance, respond to comments from all channels, and manage direct messages. It’s premium versions also have GREAT reporting tools to help you determine what your social media strategy should be!

Learn more here!


Canva is so great for making social media graphics! You don’t need any graphic design experience to use it, just pick out a template, apply your brand’s colors, and some new photos, and you are golden! One this to remember with this tool is that nearly every small business owner uses it so use templates sparingly, and be sure to make a few small changes so it isn’t quite so obvious as a template.

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Planoly has similar features to Hootsuite, it allows you to schedule and publish posts from the site, but it sets itself apart from Hootsuite with its visual grid planner. This tool is super useful if you like your profile’s grid to look a certain way. It helps you to organize your photos to maximize visual aesthetics

Learn more here!

Instagram Downloader for Instagram Chrome Extension

This is an essential tool for the social media marketer. This chrome extension allows you to download other people’s Instagram photos, videos, and stories in SECONDS! This means if someone is using your product in a post and you want to share it, you can click a button and in seconds can be re-uploading it to your own feed. No weird “re-post” watermarks, no blurry & poorly cropped screenshots, just the actual file someone uploaded to Instagram. This tool is also great if you want to use a quote or photo someone else used. Just be sure to @ them in the description to give credit. This tool also allows you to delete your Instagram posts, respond to DMs, upload stories and posts.

Learn more here!


Unsplash is a great tool for beautiful and free (!) stock images. Whether you just need a gorgeous looking background for a graphic, or a photo to post directly to your feed, they’ll have something you are sure to love! Anyone can submit a photo to be on the site, but they’re carefully curated to be stunning high-quality images. Unsplash doesn’t require you to give credit for using the photos, but they do give you the information for the photographer or artist in case you do want to share.

Learn more here!

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