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Updated: Jun 1

Branding 101

Hey everyone, Mason here and I had a great time sitting in on the Branding Workshop we held today. I wanted to share a little bit of what I picked up on for those of you who may have missed it.

There is a lot that goes into branding. Whether it’s a personal brand you are trying to develop, or a business you’ve started that you’re hoping to grow and adapt over the years, your brand is something that will define and stand out or ultimately be lost to time. The good news is that if you are committing to a brand, there are steps you can take to establish it strongly in the beginning, so that it will last as long as you are willing to support it!

While Kayla discussed several different factors to branding (Colors, ‘the Why’, positioning long term growth, etc), I wanted to highlight just a couple parts here. I had never pondered much on how important simplicity vs complexity can be in selecting your company image.

Font and Logo

When setting up your initial brand icon, it’s important to pick something that will not only be easily identifiable by your audience, but also something that will translate well to different mediums. Be sure to select something that fits your product or service, but isn’t too complex, and not only would translate well on a business card, but something that could fit nicely on a T-shirt or ball cap.

Your font is important too. Think about the Coca-Cola logo. What is more iconic than that? And it’s plain, simple and easy to read. Even people who don’t read English in other countries know what it is. Their choice of color happens to be red, but even when put in black/white, it stands out. Font can be almost as- if not more important than imagery depending on your brand so take it seriously.

A great place to get started would be You can use different fonts and styles they provide free of charge. Another resource outside of just doing a google search would be to check out Pinterest for different fonts. Some of them even include links to find and download your desired font.

Take your time, but have fun with it. This is a serious part of your business but can be loads of fun developing!

Now if you missed the workshop, the replay is still available Watch it here!


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