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Women's Coworking Center 'Her Space' Opens In Palm Bluffs

When owner Kayla Pendleton first moved back to Fresno after a four month stint in San Diego, she missed the women-oriented workspace she had discovered down south.

After two years of hoping that someone else would open a similar space in Fresno, she decided to do it on her own. Now, she's opened up Fresno's first coworking space focused on female entrepreneurs, Her Space at 7543 N. Ingram Ave in Palm Bluffs. 


Fresno’s Her Space provides work space, collaboration for women

For all of us that work the traditional 9 to 5 office job, there is some allure to the idea of working from home. However, answering emails in your PJs and having the freedom to go where you want, when you want, may not be good for long-term productivity and success.

Enter Her Space, a new co-working space that works sort of like a gym membership. You pay a monthly fee and have access to work space, plus the benefit of collaboration with other women.

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Founder Kayla Pendleton has a grand vision for a new business, Her Space

"The idea in here is a grand feel, so we're going to have chandeliers in place of the current lights and a reception area where you can pick up your mail," said Kayla Pendleton.

Founder Kayla Pendleton has a grand vision for a new business, Her Space.

"It's a place for ladies to get out of their homes and be around other like-minded ladies. We have a wonderful community built up before we even open," said Pendleton.

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Member Spotlight: Her Space

Kayla Pendleton, the founder of Her Space, worked out of her home office for several years while telecommuting for her job in marketing. She quickly found that working from home was counterproductive. There were too many distractions and interruptions, plus it was tough to have a work/ life balance. She searched online, thinking she needed a private office. Then, she stumbled upon the concept of coworking.


#HashtagIDo Event at Her Space

Watch the video below!

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Coworking spaces on the rise in Fresno

When Kayla Pendleton graduated college, she found herself moving to San Diego, where her first job involved her working remotely. It was a difficult setup for Pendleton.

“I was really kind of isolated, I didn’t know anyone and I was having trouble working from home in my new job,” she said. “It was a small team and I didn’t really have anyone to bounce ideas off of or anything.”

The Business Journal

Her Space a hot spot for women in business

A coworking space in northern Fresno is quickly making a name for itself as a place where aspiring businesswomen can not only get work done, but also meet people and come up with new ideas.

Located at 7543 N. Ingram Ave., Her Space was the idea of Kayla Pendleton, who wanted to set up a more communal environment for women to work on projects and create avenues to collaborate with others.

The Business Journal

First impressions the topic of Fresno workshop

Local female business leaders and First Impressions Consulting partnered up for a sold-out workshop hosted at Her Space in Fresno Wednesday morning.

The First Impressions Consulting workshop was led by Gia Kazarian, a leadership and social consultant for the New York based marketing company, and was set up with help from RPM PR, a local public relations firm. The event also had coffee donated by Dutch Bros. Fresno and floral arrangements from Lilium Floral.


Check Out These Amazing Female-Focused Coworking Spaces

Her Space is now ranked in the Top 30 Female Co-working Spaces in the United States! 


Last year, the U.S. dropped to the last place on a list for female participation in the labor force in leading industrialized economies. Female-focused coworking offices seek to address this issue by providing amenities suited to women’s needs, as well as a calmer, safer environment.  



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